general terms and conditions

General terms
The undermentioned general terms are the main component of the reservation, which is an agreement for the rental of the Riverside Chalet Barbara facilities (here: vacation facilities) between Barbara Žumer (here: contractor) and the guest, who wishes to make a reservation, that is to rent the facilities (here: contracting party). General terms only apply for the renting of the vacation facilities by the contracting party, the general terms for vacation activities are stated separately. In the event of telephone reservation, online reservation or email reservation, it applies when the contracting party has confirmed their interest by phone or email. A contracting party is any individual who has made a valid reservation or payment for the purpose of renting and using the vacation facilities, which are bound by these general terms of business.

The contracting party can apply for the rental of the vacation facilities directly over the phone, email or over the website During the application process, the contracting party is expected to provide all information and all documents as required by the general terms of business. In the event of false or incomplete information, it is the contracting party's sole responsibility to cover all associated expenses or consequences due to insufficient data. The application by the contracting party is binding. The contracting party can only withdraw from the contract in the manner specified by the general terms of use. The binding application includes, in addition to the explicit written application or signed contract, every request, written or verbal, which includes the name and surname of the contracting party and their guests, credit card number or other identifiable payment method, payment of services or part thereof, payment of application fees or any other act, which implies that the contracting party has passed the binding application. The contract is considered valid from the day of written confirmation by the contractor.

The first day of payment is considered the day when the contracting party makes a payment directly with the contractor or through the transaction account with NKBM d. d. bank, account number: SI56 0433 2011 3980 886. Reservation fees, which the contracting party pays upon application, are 30% of the price of the arrangement. The remainder is paid by the contracting party at least 15 days prior to the beginning of their accommodations, or as agreed with the contractor. In the event that the contracting party fails to pay for the remainder of the arrangement in the time specified, the application becomes void. Timely and properly paid applications guarantee the contracting party the use of the vacation facilities, under the conditions as specified in these general terms and conditions of business. The contracting party is required to present identification documents and proof of payment (voucher and/or proof of deposit and/or confirmed reservation); in the event that this is not done, the contractor has no obligations towards the contracting party.

Acommodation prices of the vacation cottage can be found on the prices page of the website, which is in effect from 01. 01. 2015 onward.

Services included in the price of the vacation package
Unless otherwise specified, the price of the vacation cottage includes all services and expenses as specified in the prices section on the website renting of the vacation cottage, water usage, electricity, heating, cooling, parking space use, bedding and towels (changed once weekly or as specified), kitchenware and silverware and final cleaning.

Special services
Special services are not included in the price of accommodation (tourist tax, vacation activity packages, food, transport, etc.), which is why they are to be paid separately by the contracting party, unless otherwise agreed. In the event that the contracting party wishes to apply for additional services, they are stated upon registration and are - after confirmation from the contractor - paid in addition to the price of the package. The tourist tax for adults (over 18 years of age) is 1,15 EUR. The tourist tax for children (between 7 and 18 years of age) is 50% less, children under 7 years of age are exempt from the tourist tax.

Cancellation of services
The contracting party has the right to cancel all arangements in writing and in the place where the application was first started. If the contracting party fails to provide a written statement of cancellation, the cancellation is deemed invalid. In the event of cancellation by the contracting party, the contractor is subject to reimbursement of cancellation fees. Cancellation fees depend on the time lapse between the date of cancellation and prospective date of the beginning of executing of services or accommodations in the vacation facilities in the following order:
• up to 30 days prior to the first day of accommodation - 15% of the price of the arrangement,
• between 29 and 15 days prior to the first day of accommodation - 30% of the price of the arrangement,
• between 14 and 8 days prior to the first day of accommodation - 50% of the price of the arrangement,
• less than 7 days prior to the first day of acommodation - 100% of the price of the arrangement.
In the event that the contracting party cancels the requested service or accommodation in the vacation facilities during the time of execution of said service or accommodation in the vacation facilities, the contracting party is not subject to compensation of the difference. The contracting party may, after confirming reservation, change certain parts of the application: type of accommodation, date of accommodation, number and names of persons involved, etc., under the condition that change is possible without cancellation of arrangement and under the condition that the contractor agrees with the changes. In the event of change, the contractor is entitled to charge the contracting party an administrative fee of 15,00 EUR. In the event that the price of the initial arrangement is affected by the changes (for example, a reservation in the higher price class), the contractor is entitled to charge the contracting party the appropriate difference in price. In the event that the contracting party makes travel insurance for cancellation with the insurance provider of their choice, their rights are bound by the general terms and conditions of the chosen insurance provider.
The information that the contracting party receives at the place of application bind the contractor only in the extent of the offer, as presented to the contracting party in written form. Valid information is considered in the form of statements on the website, in written offer or written explanation, sent by email from the address Prices and photographs shown on the internet and advertising material are of an informative nature, the contractor holds the right to err on prices and written information.
Use of data
The contractor is bound to protect all gathered information about the contracting party and other guests, who are specified in the contracting party's application, in accordance with the data protection act. The contracting party agrees, with written confirmation of the reservation, to the use of this data by the contractor for the purposes of fulfilling contractual obligations by both parties and for purposes of direct marketing, market research, customer segmentation, statistical analysis and notifications on new offers. If the guest disagrees with the above stated use, they can opt-out at any time by sending an email to
Accomodation in the vacation object
Paying guests should occupy the premises on the agreed date from 4pm onwards. Paying guests should leave the premises on the last day of their assigned stay before 10am.
Accommodation offers over the internet
In the event of online application or reservations made over the internet, these general terms and conditions apply as well as the offer as stated on the website It is understood that the guest has accepted and agreed with the conditions of these general terms of business at the moment when the guest has applied for the individual offer as made by the contractor. The main condition for the validity of the application is the payment of the entire offer up to three days after the submission of the application or offer, unless the due date is otherwise specified. In the event that the application is not paid for in the allotted time, it is deemed invalid and as if it was never presented.
House rules
• Check-in time is 4pm, check-out time is 10am on your last day.
• We kindly ask that you check the condition of the vacation cottage and inform us of any possible damages or deficiencies.
• Leave the vacation cottage in the same state that you found it in upon your arrival.
• The vacation cottage must be clean upon your departure, otherwise a cleaning fee of 50 EUR will be charged.
Final provisions
The prices as stated by the contractor include a certain value-added tax. In the event of dispute between contractor and contracted party, the court in charge is the Ljubljana supreme court. These general terms and conditions apply to all confirmed offers from 01. 01. 2015 onwards.

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