unforgettable adventures

Bake your own bread

Allow our experienced culinary artists and bakers to help you discover a part of Slovene ethnological and culinary history. With their guidance, you will be able to knead your own dough, enjoy a feast straight from the bread oven and have lots of fun... more

Skiing school

Families, individuals and small groups (up to four persons) can enjoy our unique approach to learning different skiing techniques. The individual skiing sessions are the fastest and most effective way to learn, as they can be customised to suit the individual needs and skill level of each member of the group... more


Snowshoeing has become one of the most popular winter activities. It is similar to walking or running on snow, only it offers even more freedom and an even more fun and interesting experience in a wonderful winter day. This ancient winter sport can be enjoyed by children and adults alike... more


Free skiing, or freeride, occurs outside of ordered ski resorts. We use a ski lift to climb up, then enjoy a ride on the untouched snow on our descent. This activity is usually the activity of choice for most experienced alpine skiers, who wish to enhance their knowledge or simply ski to their hearts' content... more